Homeschool portfolio

Learn how to create a comprehensive homeschool portfolio to document your child's progress and showcase their achievements. Explore top ideas for organizing and presenting your homeschool portfolio effectively.
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Homeschool portfolios can be a bit intimidating. Especially if you have never been required to keep one before. I keep a homeschool portfolio because it is a state requirement. But, after a year of keeping a physical record in a three ring binder I realized that was not going to be sustainable for 18+ years. My...

Jess Taliani
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One of the most challenging aspects of interest led learning is figuring out how to keep track of all of it. Because our children are the ones guiding much of the learning, how do we keep records, design homeschool portfolios and create high school transcripts if we take an interest led approach to homeschooling? I...

Candy Ailstock