Homemade robot

Explore creative homemade robot ideas that you can build yourself. Get inspired to create your own unique robot and bring your DIY skills to the next level.
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Hello, DIYers! Or should I say, 'Beep, Boop, Beep'?! This is the perfect list of projects for anyone who has a child OBSESSED with robots! These crafts range in age and skill-level so that anyone can play! You can create your robot using recycled materials around the house, build your real, moving robot, or play dress up! It's completely up to you! So grab some nuts and bolts and get ready to create! Happy crafting! Tang Paper Robot Get creative by making this amazing robot made from things…

Eliana NuÑez
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"High-Fivey" the Cardboard Micro:bit Robot: Stuck at home but still have a need to high-five someone? We made a friendly little robot with some cardboard and a micro:bit along with the Crazy Circuits Bit Board and all she wants from you is a high-five to keep her love for you alive. If you li…

Loran Sretović