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Discover a collection of inspiring home board ideas to help you create the perfect vision for your dream home. Explore different styles and find inspiration for your next home project.
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Power Word Ideas (with Printables) and Getting Consistent

A mega list of power word ideas to encourage and inspire you! Select the word(s) you like best, save to your computer, and print for your desk space. My word right now is consistency. Nothing changes unless you change your habits change.

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Haines Hotel Project | Unit 4C — Stevie Storck

In my last post, I introduced the Haines Hotel Project and the first Airbnb apartment I designed, Unit 3C. For my client, Royal Square Development & Construction, I created a base design that could be repeated in future units, with the art, accessories and color schemes customized to add a d

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6 Vision Board Ideas For Crafting Your Dream Life Vision Board Inspo Pictures, Creative Vision Boards, Vision Boarding, Vision Board Diy, Inspo Pictures, Vision Board Collage, Vision Board Examples, Collage Des Photos, Vision Board Party

6 Vision Board Ideas For Crafting Your Dream Life

With manifestation becoming more and more popular, vision boards have become an easy way to manifest your dreams. There are plenty of different ways to create a vision board than just your typical magazine pictures. Vision boards allow you to be creative and give you the space to think about what you really want in life.

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