Historical documents

Delve into the past with a collection of intriguing historical documents. Uncover the stories and significance behind these artifacts and gain a deeper understanding of our history.
While using fasteners such as paper clips are great ways to make sure papers stay grouped together, for the long-term preservation of documents it is better to remove these fasteners, like the paper clip shown in this legal document from 1935. Instead, this document should be housed in a file folder along with any related documents, along with any descriptive information written in pencil on the folder tab. Courtesy of author. Fasteners, Diy, Term Paper, Folder Tabs, File Folder, Documents Organization, Important Documents, Documents, Paper Clip

Home for the holidays? How we celebrate the winter holidays may be a bit different this year, yet it is still a good time to be thinking about getting a better handle on those family and personal archives, especially if multiple generations of relatives are gathered in one place, whether in-person or via a screen. Here are some tips to get started, inspired by my experience assessing and preserving my own family’s historical records.

Cathy Prieston