Hippo tattoo

Express your love for animals with a unique hippo tattoo. Discover stunning designs that capture the beauty and strength of these majestic creatures. Choose the perfect hippo tattoo to showcase your individuality.
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A small peek-a-boo baby hippo stamp. This animal rubber stamp could be used on any even surface including paper, card-stock, fabric, terracotta, smooth leather, etc. You can use this stamp on salted dough and soft polymer clay, but we do not recommend it for stoneware clays. The SIZE of the imprint (inches given in BRACKETS!): 2.3 x 1.5 cm ( 29⁄32 by 19⁄32 inches) Q: Can you make it LARGER/SMALLER? A: Yes, we can (but we have limits). Please, contact us for details. When ordering a…