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Today I am super excited to have Joely here to share about how she has used my Women’s History Biography Research Pennants in her classroom. You’ll see how these can be used for your biography project with your upper elementary, middle school, or high school classroom or home school students. The best part about a […]

Sandra Terradellas
A detail of Profile, by Lisa Nilsson, showing the sinuses, front teeth and tongue. Paper Quilling, Diy, Quilling, Sculptures, Crafts, Paper Art, Paper Illustration, Paper, Art Design

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I discovered certain things, but I distinctly remember learning how to do paper filagree(aka quilling) when I was in seventh grade. We were living in Los Alamos, NM (my father was a physicist, doing research there part of each year; we lived in Bryan, Texas the rest of the time). I must have found a book about quilling (I discovered calligraphy that same year) and found the paper strips somewhere. It is all a blur now, but it was fun to learn the different…

Tracy Taylor Turner