Healthy protein balls clean eating

Discover healthy and easy-to-make protein balls that are perfect for clean eating. Fuel your body with these delicious snacks that are packed with protein and natural ingredients.
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Ever feel like you need a tiny pick-me-up in the middle of the work day or after a workout? Or maybe you’re constantly on the go and need a simple breakfast recipe? Protein bars can be chalky, taste like cardboard, or have no taste at all. That’s why homemade energy bites are the answer. These portion-controlled balls of goodness can be made with your favorite ingredients, from chia seeds to peanut butter to cocoa powder.

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10 Healthy Recipes for Power Balls.Below you will find directions for a Basic Power Balls, plus 10 add in ingredients to make delicious combinations like PB&J and German Chocolate Cake!I've supplied a nut-free protein ball recipe, options with and without chocolate, and nutritional information at the bottom.

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