Hawaiian monarchy

Explore the fascinating history of the Hawaiian Monarchy, from its beginnings to its eventual downfall. Learn about the influential figures, significant events, and the impact of colonial powers on this iconic monarchy.
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Did you know that there is a complicated relationship between the United States, the State of Hawai'i, and Native Hawaiians? Learn more about the origins of this tense relationship along with other historical facts rarely known outside of Hawai'i.

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At this point I think it is important to know a little about the Hawaiian monarchs before Lili’uokalani, in order to understand her claim to the throne. Kamehameha the Great was the first true King of Hawaii, for he united the separate island tribes into one nation. He was a triumphant warrior and a strong leader for his people. Knowing that his son would be a weak leader, he instituted kahuna-nui, or joint leadership. He appointed his favorite wife as kahuna-nui.[1] While Kamehameha II may…

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Human history of the Hawaiian Islands- from the ancient times when first Polynesians sailed to the archipelago, through the monarchy rule, the Kingdom of Hawaii, the US annexation of Hawaii, attack on Pearl Harbor, statehood and the Hawaii of today.

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