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Immerse yourself in the world of happy comics and experience the pure joy they bring. Explore top ideas for heartwarming stories and delightful characters that will make you smile from ear to ear.
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We’re delighted to present the latest selection of cute yet witty comics by the Colombian artist, Andrés J. Colmenares. Some of you may recall the previous features of this artist on Bored Panda. However, today, we felt it was finally time to share more 'Wawawiwa Comics' with you. Why, you ask? Well, the weekend is almost here, so it’s a good time to tune into a positive mood, and with the strips from this artist, that's guaranteed. You’ll undoubtedly feel so much better right away.

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If you like flicking through comics, you‘re in for a treat. The artist Andres Colmenares is busy on Instagram delivering some cute and wholesome comics to distract us from whatever is bothering us. The Colombian illustrator‘s comics feature cute animals and various everyday things coming to life and reminding us what is really important.

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50 Comics With Twisted Endings By Optipess (New Pics) Inspiration, Humour, Funny Jokes, Funny Memes, Funny Comic Strips, Comedy Comics, Comic Strips, Comics Story, Read Comics

If you are one of those people who finds it difficult to say if the glass is half full or half empty, you might have a new term to describe yourself—Optipess. It's a word made up out of two contrasting mental attitudes—optimism and pessimism—that can actually coexist in the universe of this Norwegian comic artist, Kristian Nygård. And the result is entertaining comics that are sometimes funny and silly, sometimes sad, and hit us right in the feels. The artist's name might ring a bell for any…

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32 Wholesome Comics By Cat's Cafe That Will Brighten Your Day. Pokémon, Funny Memes, Humour, Wholesome, Cute Funny Animals, Funny Cute, Cat Comics, Cute Comics, Cat Cafe

Cat's Café, a comic series written and illustrated by me, Matt Tarpley, tackles the experiences of life one cup of coffee (or tea!) at a time. As a guest at Cat's Café, you’ll get to meet a slew of lovable characters and discover their lives are strikingly similar to our own. Starring Cat (the owner of the cafe), Rabbit, Penguin, and other animals, these loveable characters explore important topics such as anxiety, diversity, and empowerment with a thoughtful touch.