Halloween miniatures

Get into the Halloween spirit with these spooky miniatures. Decorate your home with these fun and festive items to create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.
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This is another "so sorry but these are retired" kind of post. But in the process of getting everything in order and up to date these had to be included. This cupboard kit called "Witch's Hollow Cupboard" was designed in 2005. It was a staple in our line of Halloween kits for many years. Many of our customers used the area behind the spider web doors, on the bottom half of the cabinet, to add more rooms like a scary dungeon and more creepy bedrooms. That was a brilliant idea! This is what we…

Andrea Coppi
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I think this witch cast a spell on me as I have be sooooooo slow getting this project done, but spell or no, here it is, THE WITCH’S KITCHEN….hopefully in time to add to your Halloween fun. Yes, I know, the witch is a bit scary but I decided I wanted to use a skeleton & it is a bit hard to make them “cute”. One reason I chose a skeleton was because they are so easy to come by that everyone that wanted to could create their own & secondly as a challenge. But you certainly may choose a sweeter…

Carol Anderson