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Transform your hair with these expert tips to enhance its quality and achieve healthier, shinier locks. Discover the secrets to maintaining strong and beautiful hair.
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He is the CEO of the biggest company in Seoul, and you as Lee Suyeon. Lee Suyeon is the CEO of the perfume and clothes brand Pomello. She is very successful with the business empire she built at the very young age of 23. they had to get married because of Their Father's promises regarding the marriage of their son Jimin and daughter Suyeon. He is always cold to her and doesn't want to fall in love with her because they have been joined in a fatal contract. Suyeon did fall in love with him…

How Do You Know Your Hair Type: Simple Guide ★

There are many hair types, and it may seem like all of us know ours. However, the reality is different, and that is why your hair looks different from those gorgeous locks you see advertised. Today, we are going to teach you how to embrace your hair and make it look irresistible.