Growth mindset anchor chart

Inspire and cultivate a growth mindset with these creative anchor chart ideas. Explore different strategies and concepts to help students develop a positive attitude towards learning.
Calvin & Hobbes #GrowthMindset Vs. Fixed Mindset Anchor Chart.  So cute!

I've had a lot of frustration this year with students that aren't willing to try. I often hear, "I can't" or "I don't want to" or "this is too hard." There have been several nights when I have laid awake thoroughly depressed over my inability to motivate them. Then I stumbled across something interesting on Pinterest (yeah, Pinterest!) yesterday: the concept of growth mindset vs. fixed mindset. I spent the next two hours (oops! forgot about dinner) reading everything I could find. It all…

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Encouraging students to make art can sometimes happen easily and other times, it's a challenge. You bring out, act out, or show your "hook" and BAM! They're engaged and are wanting to do their best. Depending on the age or the student's own personal experience with creating art, this is sometimes a challenge and you might even get a complete refusal. As a teacher, it is our job to encourage a student to create. After many years of experience teaching, and having taught art to students from…

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