Greek chicken souvlaki

Indulge in the taste of Greece with these mouthwatering chicken souvlaki recipes. Try these easy and authentic dishes to satisfy your cravings and transport yourself to the Mediterranean.
Greek chicken souvlaki — a favorite meal year-round. In the summer, I love grilling the marinated skewers of meat; in the winter, I broiled the cubes of meat. Wrapped in warm pita with tzatziki and fresh lemon, there's nothing better. #Greek #chicken #souvlaki #lemon #tzatziki #pita Entree Food, Greek Chicken Souvlaki Recipe, Chicken Souvlaki Recipe, Dinner Grown, Souvlaki Marinade, Alexandra Cooks, Tzatziki Chicken, Greek Chicken Souvlaki, Souvlaki Recipe

This Greek chicken souvlaki recipe can be prepared in various ways. In the summer, we always fire up the grill and grill the skewers of meat; in the winter or when the weather doesn't cooperate, we simply broil the meat. Either way is delicious.

Melissa Dalgleish