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Explore the most iconic and influential songs ever recorded. From timeless classics to modern masterpieces, these songs have stood the test of time. Start your musical journey today!
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‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ gave many bands their big break. ‘The Byrds’ performed on the show delivering their hit song ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’ The American rock band amazed the Sullivan crowd. The band played in front of a swirled backdrop. Two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer joined lead singer Roger McGuinn on the tambourine.

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The song from this movie is without a doubt burned in your memory as it is in the minds of millions of movie goers in 1990. Just one glimpse of the featured image and I know you remember it, and you probably hear the song just as I do. This intimate moment of connection shared

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The song was written by Shannon and keyboardist Max Crook, and it went on to become a major international hit. It falls on the Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The Beatles performed this song live from 1961 to 1962. And it was also covered by the likes of Elvis

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LeAnn Rimes delivers a raw performance during the Country Music Awards as she sings Reba McEntire's famous hit "The Greatest Man I Never Knew." The singer provoked powerful emotions from Reba and the crowd. LeAnn Rimes has been in the country singer spotlight since a very young age. She rose to fame at thirteen years

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Navy veterans and brothers, Gabe and Nate Brown, admit to being nervous as they take the AGT stage for the first time, but the audience immediately falls in love as soon as the pair begins to sing. The audition process is a bit out of the brothers’ comfort zone, older brother Gabe explains as he

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George Strait has been in the country music business for nearly four decades. In those years, he’s made himself into the genre’s greatest artists of all time. George Strait is a country legend that has racked up so many number one hits. With 60 number one hits to his credit, he has cemented himself as

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Grammy Award-winning vocalist "Meat Loaf" delivered an epic rendition of America's beloved national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner," at the 65th MLB All-Star Game in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. You are about to witness one of the greatest renderings of our great National Anthem ever performed. It's like this epic song was made for Meat Loaf. #meatloaf #nationalanthem #starspangledbanner #patriotism #singing #mlb #baseball via @madlyoddcom Country Music, Dance Music, Videos, Meat Loaf, National Anthem Song, National Anthem, Greatest Songs, Man, Anthem

Meat Loaf was born Marvin Lee Aday in Dallas, Texas, on the 27th of September, 1947. His stage name was inspired by the nickname given to him by his high school football team. The name has stuck with him over the years as Meat Loaf quickly became famous for his powerful, wide-ranging voice and theatrical

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It can be easy to take things like our eyesight for granted. Our five senses are things we use every day without putting too much thought into how lucky we are to have them. The Dodds family can't say the same thing about themselves. When Kenadi Dodds stepped onto the America's Got Talent stage, she

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