Globe decor ideas

Transform your living space with these creative globe decor ideas. Discover unique ways to incorporate globes into your home decor and add a touch of wanderlust to any room.
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Decorate with maps and globes. Be inspired by this creative list. Trying not to be too worldly but when it comes to maps and globes we just can't help ourselves. If you're looking for some fun, creative ways to display your latest travels or you just really love maps and globes, we've traveled all over to find 25 DIY ideas that'll be perfect for your next DIY map/globe project. They'll look awesome where ever you put them... the kid's room, the family room, or even outside. The list goes…

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Navigational tools have been around since the early days of man, they show the progression of time, changing borders, new discoveries. Maps help us to find where we are going and can remind us of where we have been. Compass roses point us in the right direction. And armillary spheres have helped navigate the skies for centuries. Who can resist the urge to spin a globe, and imagine yourself off on a great adventure to whatever destination lies at the tip of your finger. Below are some images…

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