Elevate your floral arrangements with stunning gladioli flowers. Discover creative ways to incorporate these vibrant blooms into your home decor, weddings, and special events.
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View On Black . Gladioli, Gladiolus There's a fantastic range of gladioli which produce tall, upright stems, often with the early summer flowers ranged more or less one above the other. They all create splendid clumps with pinks, flash reds, apricot-orange and range of hot colours. Or, the wonderfully subdued whites. Fantastic.

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Symbolizing Love, Loyalty, and Friendship, Gladiolus ticks both the boxes for softness of color and contemporary style. These flowers are tall, and make an amazing centerpiece! (Styles of bouquets, weddings, drying, etc.) Include, if available, mythology/history/fun facts. Part of the Iris family, Gladiolus is a beautiful addition to any bouquet. Your order will arrive with 6-8 stems of Gladiolus, and each stem will feature 10-12 blooms. Please see Live Flower Care Instructions for tips on…

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