Giant mushroom

Transform your garden with these captivating giant mushroom ideas. Create a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere with these unique additions to your outdoor space.
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MUSHROOM TIME! I found this website here that told me a rough out line of how to make the mushrooms. It took her 3 months to make 4. It's taken me 2 days to get to the end of the paper mache part so time varies. I've made 2 mushrooms. One that is 4ft tall and another that is 6 feet. Materials Needed: Chicken Wire Walmart Jewelry Wire Pliers Wire Cutters Something to mark the wire I made a wire "stalk" or "stem" out of chicken wire to start with. I basically rolled out chicken wire (still…

Michelle Curran
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Lulu and I are finally home from our three weeks away. I will be posting pics taken throughout our travels. The first leg of our trip took us to Bonnyville, AB. to visit Barry. On the way, Lulu and I stopped at Vilna, AB to see the World's Largest Mushrooms. We had tried to visit them earlier this year but the street was flooded and muddy and we couldn't get near them. This time we made it and Lulu enjoyed picking at the grass that grew between the paving stones. It was a very small park and…

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