Germ activities

Engage your kids with these fun and educational germ activities. Teach them about germs while they have a blast with hands-on experiments and games.
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Germ Science Experiment - Handwashing Activity

Teaching children to wash their hands is crucial! With this Germ Science Experiment you can demonstrate the importance of using soap when washing their hands to keep the germs away. This hand washing activity is not only fun, but a great way to teach kids about germs.

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Pepper/Soap Experiment to teach kids about handwashing goes VIRAL

Have you seen these simple soap & pepper experiments that teach kids the importance of washing hands to stop germs from spreading? If you’ve talked to your kids about everything that is going on right now, you’ve probably talked to them about germs & how they are spreading right now. As I mentioned in

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DIY Hand Washing Sensory Bag- Kids Activity

Staying clean is made more fun with a DIY sensory bag to teach young learners about hand washing! If you’re searching for hand washing-related activities, look no further. This one is easy to make and fun to play with. Push the pom poms away with your fingers, a small nail brush, or a bar of... Read more »

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Everything You Need to Teach About Germs!

One of my favorite units to teach is Germs. I really love teaching any health unit, but germs is such a relatable unit for our kids. It's perfect to teach at any time of the year, but especially during cold and flu season. Germs Pacing Guide I use a lot of Brain Pop, Jr. videos, picture books, and a few paper resources in my unit. I also have a couple of hands-on, fun activities to add in when we have some extra time. My favorite germ books are: A Germ's Journey by Thom Rooke, MD Sick Simon…

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