Georgia o keeffe

Discover the captivating works and artistic journey of Georgia O'Keeffe. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and unique perspectives that make her a true icon in the art world.
Gray line with Black, Blue, and Yellow by Georgia O'Keefe (1923) Art, O Keeffe Paintings, Artwork, Georgia O Keeffe Paintings, Abstract Painters, Artist, Kunst, Limited Edition Art Print, Visual Art

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Priscilla Ireland
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I first “found” American painter Georgia O’Keeffe in my teen years and quickly learned to love her paintings, bold images of shells, bones, flowers, and landscapes loaded with personal style, and terrific composition and colors. My “point-of-entry” into O’Keeffe’s artistic universe was “Red Hill and White Shell” on the cover of a book in the art section of a high-end bookstore in Rio de Janeiro. That painting acted like a powerful magnet, pulling me closer to inspect the book in more detail…