Garden compost

Learn how to create and use garden compost to improve the quality of your soil. Discover top tips and techniques for successful composting in your garden.
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Ever wondered where to place your compost bin to get the best results? Choosing the right spot makes all the difference in how fast your compost breaks down, and if it even works at all. Check out all of our tips for success. #GreenLiving #GardenTips #SustainableLiving #Composting101 #homesteading

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DIY: Build an underground worm farm suitable for a cold climate Composting In Garden Beds, Worm Farming Diy, Worm Farm Diy How To Make A, Diy Worm Farm, Vermiculture Worm Farm, Vermicomposting Worm Farm, Worm Farm Diy, Worm Farms, Homesteading Diy Projects

Keep worms happy year-round with this easy-to-build underground worm farm. Words: Nadene Hall Photos: Ben Elms Ben Elms (aka Dr Compost) has been experimenting with an underground worm-farm system suitable for hot and cold regions especially those such as Central Otago, which can experience freezing winters. The method (see instructions below) involves three to five bucket worm farms dug directly into the ground. Worms like to be warmer than 10°C and regular worm farms struggle in the colder…

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