Funny halloween memes

Get in the spooky spirit with these funny Halloween memes. Share the laughs with your friends and family and make this Halloween unforgettable.
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Today’s kids really like memes, digesting them from internet spaces we are too cool to inhabit! Therefore, they serve as a textual or language-infused genre that we can exploit for our students’ engagement. Often a meme suggests some element of a narrative that serves to facilitate a discussion or mapping of other elements. We can compare and contrast these narrative forms with exposition, or explaining ideas (see Thememaker®). When critiquing narrative works such as movies, it’s always felt…

Heather Morris
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While you feast on all that candy, laying high on sugar while watching a new Netflix drama about serial killers totally ready to sleep with your lights on like a grown-up child, you gotta make sure to do one more thing, and that’s not opening yet another bag of candy corn.

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