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With the invention of the smartphone, one of the important features of such phones; messaging, has taken the world by storm. Instead of talking in person, people now rely on texts to convey their opinions. It is supposed to make communication easier, but ironically, sometimes messaging can just cause people to misinterpret each other.One might ask his friend a question through messages, but get an answer that does not even correspond to such. There are many other ways for one to…

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Funny conversation starters are one of the most powerful tools you can have. As an expert in conversation starters and the best questions to ask, I'll show you more about the funny questions to ask to ensure that you can successfully start a conversation. Let's start. Contents The Best For Couples Funny but Deep With A Girl Would You Rather To Know Someone Dares With Your Crush First Date Conversation Funny Text Conversation How To Ask Download or Print FAQs More Awesome Articles 10 Best…

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Sometimes, even the best of us hvae tourble seplling. Other times, we forget even the most basic, ummm, what were they called? Mouth sounds? Pen squiggles? Words! It’s nothing to be ashamed of and, if we can learn to laugh at ourselves for messing up, it’s a great source of entertainment for our friends… and the internet.

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