French regency decor

Transform your home with elegant and timeless French Regency decor. Discover top ideas to create a sophisticated and luxurious ambiance in your living space.
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Okay I had so much fun with my previous post in January of Emily in Paris Inspired Home Decor , that I knew I wanted to do this again for another show. And what better set design than the crowd favorite (and personal favorite) Bridgerton! If you have somehow been living under a rock this month, the

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Busting Myths – in particular the Georgian Regency myth that aristocrats clambered to have their walls pasted and wallpapered with damask print and beautiful bird prints, is far from true. Aristocrats during the Georgian period considered silk-clad walls as not only a mark of decorative panache it also became the mark of their wealth, as had vast wall tapestries of old within fortified manorial houses, castles, and palaces. Frieze work By the end of the Stuart era (Queen Anne) when velvet as…