Frank Robinson

Explore the incredible life and career of Frank Robinson, a baseball legend and trailblazer. Learn about his achievements, impact, and lasting legacy in the world of sports.
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Frank Robinson hit 586 homers from 1956-76, won the AL Triple Crown with Baltimore in 1966 and became the first player to win MVP awards in both leagues, with Cincinnati in 1961 and the Orioles five years later. He became the first African-American manager with Cleveland in 1975 and also managed San Francisco, Baltimore, Montreal and Washington. As Robinson celebrates his 81st birthday on Aug. 31, 2016, we present 20 of SI's best photos of No. 20.

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Bob Lemke's Blog: Latest custom card: 1976 Frank Robinson Cleveland Indians, Mlb, Baseball, Dwight Gooden, Frank Robinson, Robinson, Cleveland Indians Baseball, Cleveland Baseball, Ernie Banks

I recently rediscovered in a box of my baseball "stuff" a 1975 JB Robinson Jewelers Cleveland Indians player photo album, probably given away at a promotional game that season. The booklet had some great photos of the players in their red softball-looking uniforms. They definitely weren't the same old pictures seen on cards and memorabilia of the day. It occurred to me that the picture of playing-manager Frank Robinson could be the basis for a "card that never was." In 1975, Topps pictured…

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