Fragrance oil blends for candles

Enhance the ambiance of your space with our collection of unique fragrance oil blends for candles. Discover captivating scents that will transform your home into a relaxing sanctuary.
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Blending custom fragrances is a fun and easy way to make your products stand out from the competition. Here are 12 fragrance blending ideas to get you started.

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Enjoy the lovely scents of spring in your home with the best spring diffuser blends! From floral to fresh, included are 15 spring essential oil recipes perfect for aromatherapy and home fragrance, which can even be used for DIY skin care and soap making.

Anita Contreras
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Blending oils is fun but can be tricky, and sometimes the results are not what you expect. Use blotters to get a basic creation and then work in small batches so you aren't wasting oils and getting unexpected results. Mixing oils is like cooking with spices, add what you want, add more if necessary. Some scents smell great on their own but don't mix well, while some scents maybe not so pleasant on their own but then develop when other aromas are added to them. Some scents disappear when…

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