Four kids

Discover fun and creative activities, games, and crafts for a group of four kids. Keep them entertained and engaged with these top ideas for indoor and outdoor fun.
YES - Four Kids is Crazy! What it's really like to have four kids - I LOVE this, especially the end... So TRUE! Feelings, Mother Of Four, Messy Kids, Four Kids, 4 Kids, Three Kids, A Mother, So Happy, Parenting

YES – Four Kids is Crazy

Jessica is back today with her unique take on parenting as a mother of four and I'm so happy - I always connect with her posts. And, really, I feel like the name of this one could easily be 'YES - Three Kids is Crazy' or 'YES - {Fill-in-the-Blank} Kids is Crazy' because life as a parent is just general craziness. But I always love to hear about other parents' perspectives, and I find the experiences of parents who have more kids than the three I have to be especially fascinating. Before we…