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Fossil pokemon

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Pokemon Fauna exclusives 060 and 061 by Arteses-Canvas on DeviantArt

Description #060 Quetzap: The fast zapping pokemon, Quetzap are not strong flyers, they only have enough energy to fly short distances. If a Quetzap is threatened it will swiftly fly into the target and jam it with its sharp peak, delivering a agonizing electric shock and causing the threat to have uncontrollable spasms for hours. #061 Thunterrodon: The sky titan pokemon, Thuterrodon can fly indefinitely, its heart beats extremely fast which produces electric charges that are released with…

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Basilarine and Rodhocuba by BangBooDoragon on DeviantArt

Description Rodhocuba Category: Early Whale Pokémon Type : Rock / Water Abilities: Water Veil, Torrent Height: 7'11" Weight : 220.9lbs An ancient ancestor to all whale Pokémon, Rodhocuba had leg like flippers for mobility in water and on land. They tend to play nicely with other aquatic Pokémon. Basilarine Category: Long Whale Pokémon Type : Rock / Water Abilities : Huge Power, Thick Fat, Hidden Ability: Merciless Height: 59'10" Weight : 15432.7lbs Basilarine was once the king of the shallow…

Pokemon Fauna exclusives 056 and 057 by Arteses-Canvas

Description #056 Geysaur: The mist swimmer pokemon, Geysaur's body was believed to be just a head, neck and body. The way it moved was by storing its body heat in its stomach and every time it opened its mouth, the ocean water would pour in and evaporate from the heat of its stomach to propel is forward from its geyser ports. #057 Evapraser: The pipe neck pokemon, Evapraser spends its time eating molten rock in the deep sea, storing vast amounts of heat and water, its body then stores the…

PLDH en Twitter: "Neat: museums across Japan will be hosting a Pokémon fossils exhibit. The exhibit will highlight the real dinosaur fossils that fossil Pokémon are inspired by. https://t.co/O3FFmfs9dE https://t.co/ll8DFmZ59e" / Twitter

“Neat: museums across Japan will be hosting a Pokémon fossils exhibit. The exhibit will highlight the real dinosaur fossils that fossil Pokémon are inspired by. https://t.co/O3FFmfs9dE”

Javanna Region (@e.kinz_art) • Instagram photos and videos

907 Likes, 11 Comments - Javanna Region (@e.kinz_art) on Instagram: “Your Rapjolt evolved into... • HYPERAPTOR ( Hyper + Hyperactive + Raptor) • The Hyperactive Pokémon…”

Pokemon Flora exclusives 058 and 059 by Arteses-Canvas on DeviantArt

Description #058 Spinitar: The toxic terror pokemon, Spinitar have teething issues and need to bit constantly to sharpen them, if you are in the path of a Spinitar, you will be bitten. The poison from the bit is said to cause constant vomiting and aching pain forever. #059 Vertabrine: The land titan pokemon, Vertabrine is believed to have been the biggest land dwelling prehistoric pokemon to have ever lived. The sludge that drips from its exposed vertebrae incinerates plantlife it lands on…