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Taerel aka Harry was raised as a High Elf when he landed in their world not knowing what his name was he was giving a new name Taerel, he was trained with his new family the Heikrana's to become a Healer, nothing said about him learning to defend himself mind you... Until one day when he was summoned to a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and told that he must compete in a horrible tournament Better yet he was also told that he was the key to killing He Who Shall Not Be Named and that he was…

Lamia Mimi
It is common for alphas to have multiple omega consorts and concubine… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Piercing, Kos, Jewellery, Fantasy Jewelry, Magical Jewelry, Slytherin Jewelry, Slytherin, Collier, Green Emerald Ring

It is common for alphas to have multiple omega consorts and concubine. But what if the new Omega king want to own a harem of his own. Breaking the stereotype and maintaining peace between six alphas in harem. And choosing the royal concert Isn't as easy as it sounds . ♥********** ♥ DON'T COPY OR TRANSLATE IF YOU SEE ANY COPY OR TRANSLATIONS OF MY WORK PLEASE INFORM ME. ♥************♥

Check in on your inner thoughts and feelings with this mood ring band! Band changes color according to your mood! IT REALLY WORKS! Have fun and enjoy! See photo for color chart. Great for all ages. Fo Eye Color Facts, Eye Color Chart, Mood Ring Color Chart, Witchy, Mood Ring Colors, Hair Colors, Eye Colors, Anime Hair Color, Emotion Chart

Dive into your inner world with our Classic Color-Changing Mood Ring Band! Crafted from durable alloy, this adjustable unisex accessory features thermochromic technology, reacting to your body temperature and revealing a spectrum of vibrant colors that correspond to your mood. Mood band changes color based on your body temperature Made from durable alloy material Adjustable design fits both men and women Sleek 6mm band adds a stylish touch to any outfit Perfect for individuals of all ages…

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