Food coma

Don't let the food coma ruin your day! Learn effective tips to beat the post-meal sleepiness and stay energized throughout the day. Discover how to enjoy your meals without feeling tired afterwards.
Rate this article and enter to win What’s in a nap? If you’re doing it right, napping brings a bunch of benefits: improved learning ability, memory, alertness, physical and mental stamina, and relief from stress. To avoid grogginess and other possible side effects, however, you need to be strategic about napping. The questions below can … Health, Ted Talks, Healthy Life, Diet And Nutrition, Take A Nap, A Food, Neurological Disorders, Improve Memory, Food Coma

Read time: 15 min Get help or find out more Give it up for a nap: Dr. Sara Mednick/TED Talk Understanding sleep: National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke [NIDS] How to nap: Boston Globe [infographic] More napping advice: National Sleep Foundation Take a Nap, Change Your Life: Mark Ehrman & Sara Mednick Workman, 2006 […]

Olivia Parrott