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Big hair, shearling coats and fondue dinner parties were all the rage in the 70s. Two of those things are already back in vogue, and I’m determined to make the third cool again. Think about it, a big table surrounded by all of your favourite people. In the centre, all sorts of delicious sharing nibbles, steaming […]

Sarah McQueen
A black fondue pot with Swiss chalet motif holds stretchy fondue cheese. Fresh fruit and vegetable dippers surround the pot with plenty of fondue forks ready to hand. Dips, Appetiser Recipes, Winter, Cheese, Paris, Snacks, Cheese Fondue, Cheese Fondue Recipes, Fondue Recipes Cheese

Emmental cheese is Swiss cheese with buttery notes and fruity flavor, it is traditionally used in this recipe. American style Swiss cheese (such as Alpine Lace) can also be used and is milder with nutty flavor. Purists may object, but a small amount of cornstarch is added to this recipe. It keeps the wine and cheese from separating when heated, and no one will know it’s there.

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