Fondue raclette party ideas

Host a memorable gathering with these delicious fondue and raclette party ideas. Discover creative ways to entertain your guests and create a festive atmosphere.
How To Throw A Raclette Party: Snacks, Houmus, Rezepte, Raclette Recipes, Gastronomia, Diner, Raclette Party, Raclette Dinner Party, Food And Drink

Usually when I tell people about the annual family raclette party I host every year around the holidays, I get a bewildered smile and nod. I've noticed that most people here in the States are in the dark about raclette. Simply unacceptable, friends. If you're unfamiliar, raclette is a strong and pungent semi-hard cow's milk cheese from Switzerland. Similar to fondue, it's a popular winter social event in the alpine areas of Europe. You melt slices of raclette on individual trays inside a…

Helene Weingertner