Floribunda roses

Enhance your garden with the vibrant colors of floribunda roses. Discover top ideas to create a stunning display of these beautiful flowers in your outdoor space.
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Latin for “many flowering,” the floribunda rose bush is a popular type of rose known for its profuse and long-lasting blooms. Click on the pin to take a brief look into the world of floribunda roses and explore the characteristics, care requirements, and uses of 10 popular floribunda varieties.

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From the soft pink color to the sweet fragrance, Our Lady of Guadalupe Floribunda Rose is a tribute to a simpler, perhaps more elegant, time of Sunday drives and afternoon tea. A Jackson & Perkins original, this floribunda is versatile and extremely durable that blooms heavily early and continues vigorously throughout the season.Producing generous clusters of silver-tinged, 3-inch blooms featuring layers of ruffled, whorled petals, Our Lady of Guadalupe Floribunda Rose maintains its vigor…

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