First day activities

Make the first day of school unforgettable with these exciting activities. Engage students, build relationships, and set the tone for a successful school year.

Planning for the first day of school is a challenge when you are a new teacher. Take a look at how I organize my first day: Teaching classroom routines and expectations, ice breaker getting to know you activities, character education, and grab a FREE editable classroom scavenger hunt! #firstdayofschool #backtoschool #newschoolyear #teacher #classroom

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First day of school handprint craft, back to school handprint, preschool handprint art, daycare footprint ✨🍎 Celebrate the excitement of the first day of school with our Pre-School Handprint Art. This special artwork captures the joy of starting a new academic year, making it a perfect gift or keepsake for your little one. Display the pre-k handprint art proudly in your home.. It serves as a reminder of their first day of school and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Whether you're…

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For most of us, we're fighting the urge to bust out in song and dance at the thought of going back to school. Right?! Pssshhhht! Ya right! If you're like me, the stress is starting to pile on at the thought of "Holy moly, what am I going to teach and wear and do and buy and make and--" yes, you get the point. With that in mind, I started to plan out my first week of school activities, and am sharing a freebie with you. I plan on having my students take their best guess about me before…

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Hi! I'm Amanda Wilp, author of The Primary Gal. I teach fifth-grade, and have a nerdy passion for differentiation. I love to integrate technology. First Week Of School Ideas, 5th Grade Classroom, 5th Grade Activities, 4th Grade Classroom, 3rd Grade Classroom, Middle School Activities, 4th Grade Activities, Third Grade Activities, First Week Activities

Each year, I scour Pinterest trying to find activities for the first day of school that are engaging for upper elementary students. I want to find activities that will allow me to learn and connect with each student. After FINALLY nailing down my plans, I wanted to share a few of my ideas for my […]

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