Fire giants

Harness the power of fire giants to dominate your foes. Explore strategies, weapons, and tactics to defeat your enemies and emerge victorious in battle.
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"Embrace the flames of Muspell to lead your horde into battle, hurling projectiles and incinerating your foes." Surtr is one of the playable Gods in SMITE. Little is known of the fire-giant Surtr. His origins are shrouded as by a haze of forge-smoke, his secrets mingled with the ashes of his fiery home. Even Odin the All-Wise cannot see the spark that started Surtr’s fire. But he knows the giant’s end...for it is the end of the gods, and of mankind, as well. Surtr is the very embodiment of…

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Fire Giants are a hostile race of Giants from the popular fantasy role-playing franchise Dungeons & Dragons, they are among the more clever of Giants but still very aggressive, normally of a lawful evil alignment and making their homes either in the hottest regions of Toril or in elemental planes of fire and flame. Fire Giants are a militaristic society and they value strength, and they are also quite intelligent despite their vicious appetite for war and thus they often enslave any races…

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