Fillet crochet charts

Explore a collection of beautiful fillet crochet charts to create stunning and intricate designs. Enhance your crochet skills and bring your creations to life with these top ideas.
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Filet crochet is another type of crochet where you create 'blocks' and 'spaces' and in all this creates beautiful crochet patterns depending where you put your 'blocks' and where you put your 'spaces' you can design beautiful things.

Monica Gulotta
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FILET CROCHET Filet in French simply means 'net or a mesh". So filet crochet is Crochet patterns made in a net or a grid. It uses just 3 basic stitches like the chain stitch, the double crochet and the single crochet. Used in as many permutations and combinations as possible, this is reminiscent of cross stitch…