Feng shui energy map

Discover how to create a harmonious living space by using a Feng Shui energy map. Maximize positive energy flow and transform your home into a sanctuary of balance and tranquility.
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One of the most basic and powerful diagnostic tools in Feng Shui is called the Bagua Map. This map outlines the 9 areas (or guas) of life and how they correspond to your physical space. You place this map over a floorplan of your home (or over a room, or a desk, a property, etc). When yo

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Understanding the Bagua Map in Feng Shui is like unlocking the blueprint of energy within your living spaces—a roadmap that guides you towards creating an environment that promotes balance, harmony, and the realization of your life's aspirations. Derived from ancient Chinese philosophy, the Bagua Map is a powerful tool that divides your home into nine distinct areas, each corresponding to essential aspects of your life, such as wealth, health, relationships, and career. By comprehending the…

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