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Fallout Nuka-Cola Label by Whatpayne Nuka Cola Label, Fallout Theme, Nuka Cola Quantum, Fallout Nuka Cola, Fallout Props, Fallout Cosplay, Nuka Cola, Foto Logo, Fallout Game

Nuka-Cola Cherry label by Whatpayne on DeviantArt

Description The unfortunate drink called Nuka-Cola Cherry was supposed to replace the original Nuka-Cola. Kept in markets for short period until quickly drawn from sales, and to be replaced by Nuka-Cola Classic. This now rare, but very horrible drink is somewhat of an curiosity in the wastelands. -- Here ya go. Nuka-Cola Cherry label as envisioned by me. I did not have much of an reference material to work on, so it can't be kept canon persay. However it should fill the needs of you…

Alfonso V.
Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Template Nuka Cola Label, Fallout Wedding, Nuka Cola Bottle, Fallout Theme, Fallout Nuka Cola, Fallout Props, Nerdy Nummies, Fallout Cosplay, Printable Props

Fallout 4 Nuka Cola

Hannah Hart joins Rosanna Pansino to help concoct these fizzy-licious Nuka Cola and raspberry lemonade Quantum drinks! Makes 3 Quantum & 3 Nuke bottles of soda Things you'll need Ingredients 2 cups sugar 2 cups water 1 packet blue raspberry lemonade flavored drink powder (Kool-Aid) Cola syrup (Soda Stream) Equipment Heat safe measuring cup Large pot Whisk Home carbonation device Empty cola bottles Bottle capper Red & silver bottle caps Sticker paper Soda labels Let’s get started! Place a…

Rosanna Pansino
Nuka Cola Quantum Poster Nuka Cola Quantum, Fallout Nuka Cola, Fallout Wallpaper, Fallout Posters, Fallout Fan Art, Nuka Cola, Vault Tec, Fallout Game, 1440x2560 Wallpaper

Nuka Cola Quantum Poster by MarkuzR on DeviantArt

Description After creating the original Nuka Cola poster, I thought it only fitting to do the same for Nuka Cola Quantum. Was a tough call, whether to make the drink bright blue or have a purple tint to it, as my XBox version has a purple colour to the Quantum whereas the PC version has a blue colour. In the end I opted to go with the blue colour.. selfishly, as I thought it'd make for a much better poster! Keeping with the theme of creating taglines, I retained the "And A Little Bit More"…

Tomek Strak