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Power armor

Power armor, also referred to as powered armor, powered combat infantry armor,[1] and powered infantry armor,[2][3] is a type of personal infantry suit intended for combat and heavy-labor roles. Power armor development first began before the Great War in 2065[Non-game 1] by United States defense contractors, including West Tek. Both before and after the war, power armor represents the pinnacle of personal defensive technology, providing its users with excellent energy, ballistic and even…

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Vault Dweller

The Vault Dweller is the player character in Fallout. In a general sense, "Vault dweller" can also refer to any person who lives in one of the Vault-Tec Vaults. The player may also choose one of three pre-made characters with their own backstories to be the Vault Dweller: Albert Cole, Max Stone or Natalia Dubrovhsky. Despite this, the Vault Dweller in the series canon is a 20 year-old man during the first game's events.[Non-game 1] The player can customize the character's gender and age…

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Fallout 2 handpainting tutorial, miki bencz

what is he looking at? you can find out by wathcing the music video! :D also 5~ hours of tutorial with commentary on youtube, including intro to modeling, uvw, and texturing of this one! I really tried, and make this beneficial both for complete beginners, and for people who are familiar with 3D already... I hope I succeeded, and I would appriciate the feedback on how understandable the videos are because the only goal with this piece was to share as much as I can with the community ( and…

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