Fabric wrapping paper

Add a unique touch to your gifts with fabric wrapping paper. Explore creative ideas to make your presents stand out and impress your loved ones.
Stop wasting wrapping paper! This tutorial shows how to make Furoshiki, a Japanese style of fabric gift wrap that gets folded and reused over and over. So pretty and colorful! www.cucicucicoo.com Wrapping Gifts Ideas Creative, Wrapping Gifts Ideas, Fabric Wrapping Paper, Old Tool Boxes, Dry Brush Painting, Japanese Gift Wrapping, Wrapping Station, Creative Wrapping, Mirror Frame Diy

Today's project is my absolute favorite one that is part of my Ecological Gift Wrapping series: furoshiki. This Japanese technique is a super simple form of reusable fabric gift wrap, although it's also used to carry bundles in Japan. I've been using the same furoshiki fabric squares for years, and they have made my gift

Kitty Emery