Eyelash technician

Enhance your natural beauty with the help of a skilled eyelash technician. Discover top tips and recommendations for finding the perfect professional to give you stunning lashes that will make heads turn.
Eyelash Extensions Tweezers
Tape(micropore,microfoam, sensitive)
Sterile Tray for Tools

Witch Hazel(Lash Primer)


Jade Stone

Eyelash Extensions(Trays in various sizes)

Cleansing brushes

Lash Tiles and Storage

Super Bonder

Lip brushes


Lash Shampoo

Mascara wands(spoolies)

Dental Mirror

Adhesive Remover(cream or gel)

Paper Towels

Magnifying Glasses

Antibacterial Hand Soap

Face mask with filters

Sterilization Box

Hand Sanitizer

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Ever wondered how you can create a luxury beauty business as an eyelash extensions specialist? Here's the ultimate guide to everything you need in order to become a successful lash artist in 2022. Use this guide as a starting point to creating your own thriving beauty business.

Majestic Mary Anna
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