Eye piercing

Enhance your style with eye piercing, a bold and unique trend that adds a touch of edginess to your appearance. Discover top ideas to express your individuality and make a statement.
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Eyelid Piercing, So “Cool”

Not a long ago we showed you some pictures of people suffering from "over-piercing", as we like to call it, folks who had either too many piercings, or just few and totally disturbing. Now we bring you the latest in piercing fashion, eyelid piercing, that's right, eyelid, the piece of skin covering that incredibly sensible

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BEST 20+ ANTI EYEBROW PIERCING TRENDING IN 2023 Butterfly Kiss Piercing Anti Eyebrow, Face Piercings Medusa, Anti Eyebrow Piercing Black Women, Double Anti Eyebrow Piercing, Surface Face Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing Diamond, Reverse Eyebrow Piercing, Anti Eyebrow Piercing Butterfly Kiss, Face Surface Piercing


Anti eyebrow piercing is a very unconventional piercing style, and it has grabbed the attention of all fashion enthusiasts. This piercing style offers a...

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