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Explore the world of experimental photography and push the boundaries of your creativity. Discover top ideas and techniques to create unique and mesmerizing photographs that will leave a lasting impression.
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Lumen Print Tutorial Lumen prints are an incredibly an incredibly rewarding way to introduce yourself to the world of contacting printing, the biggest plus in their favour is that you don’t really need a darkroom to get them to work. Head out into the garden with some shears, cut off some leaves, branches and flower […]

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Experimental photography is excellent if you're stuck in a rut or trapped inside because of the weather. Here are 10 techniques you should try for a motivational kick. In this article, I'll focus on digital photography rather than film-based photography. Most of the techniques you can do without purchasing extra equipment. All you need is your camera, some everyday items, and Photoshop. What Is Experimental Photography? Experimental photography is using your camera or post-processing in a…

Danielle Briglia
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Еще один способ использования пленки. Ценность и важности каждого кадра. Мозаика реальности создающая нереальные объекты. Фотографы, использующие, технику контрольных отпечатков для создания нового изображения, по-разному объясняют причины своего интереса к такому способу. В любом случае понятно,…

Sitthisak Kaewkong

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