Essie top coat

Achieve a salon-quality manicure that lasts with Essie top coat. Discover the best Essie top coat options to seal in your nail polish and provide a glossy finish for beautiful, chip-free nails.
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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. As soon as Essie Gel Couture Polish hit the store shelves, I was eager to try it, but I was still in my salon-going routine. I love that salon gel polish dries almost instantly, reducing opportunities for smudges or dings! Who doesn't love being able to buckle their

Kayla Spickler
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If you are looking for a super cool way to amp up your nail color, then look no further because Essie's Multi Dimension Top Coat in Shine of the Times ($8.00) from the luxeffects collection, will come to the rescue! Shine of the times takes the nail flake trend up a notch by giving nails a unique holographic, colorful dimensional look, when layered over another nail color. I never really had the opportunity to experience the wonderfulness of nail flakes, until now. And boy, am I glad I did…

Liyah Nguyen