Essential oils for cough

Discover the power of essential oils for cough relief. Learn how these natural remedies can soothe your throat, reduce congestion, and promote respiratory health. Try them today and experience the benefits.
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With fall coming, and school starting, it’s the perfect time to share my essential oils roller bottle recipes for cough and congestion! Be prepared instead of scrambling once they’re already sick! My kids range from 7 to 16, and none of them have ever had to use any cold medicine of any kind! We diffuse...Read More »

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If you’re asking what essential oils are good for coughing and how to use them, then this guide is the one for you as we’re going to discuss everything that you need to know about them. Here, we’ll not only introduce you to some of the most ideal essential oils to use, but we’ll also teach you some safety precautions that you can follow before using them.

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One way we can get rid of coughs naturally is to use essential oils. Essential oils can be used for many things that are beneficial for our mental, physical and spiritual health. One of those benefits includes clearing up our respiratory tract. Some essential oils contain anti-inflammatory properties, while others have the power to loosen and thin out mucus allowing us to get it out of our system. Here a few essential oils we can use to help relieve cough and get us up and feeling better in…

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As cough and sore throat season approaches, stock your medicine cabinet with the RIGHT natural remedy for the job: this DIY essential oil chest rub! It's an herbal salve or balm that clears up coughs, nasal mucus, and sinus gunk in a flash with healing ingredients. Plus, I've made it easy to mix and match the essential oils so your homemade decongestant can be safe for kids or babies, too.

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