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Keep your furry friend flea-free with the power of essential oils. Discover the best essential oils to naturally repel fleas and protect your dog from infestations.
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I've been making DIY flea repellent because my dog had an adverse reaction to Simparica. Simparica Caused My Dog To Regurgitate Last June, I dosed Maggie with Simparica. Soon after, she started to regurgitate her food between 30 minutes to 6 hours of her eating it. I had all the various tests done. The first diagnosis was that she had megaesophagus. I had two more rounds of tests done, and $1200+ later, the vets at VCA said that the first diagnosis was wrong and did not know what was wrong…

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afe essential oils for dogs can be calming, help with fleas, itching, and allergies. DIY dog odor spray using Young Living, Doterra, Simply Earth or your favorite essential oils. Find out which essential oils are toxic to dogs. Diffuser blends for dogs. Is peppermint safe for dogs? Is Eucalyptus safe for dogs? DIY recipes for dogs. What essential oils to avoid near your dog. Tips for dog owners. Flea and Tick spray. #essentialoils #dogcare #dogfacts #dogtips #dogowners .

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