Essential oils 101

Discover the world of essential oils with our beginner's guide. Learn how to use essential oils for aromatherapy and experience the benefits of natural healing. Start your journey to a healthier and more balanced life today.
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This waterproof and oil resistant laminated sheet will unlock many question you might have concerning essential oils and in particular oils harvested for doTERRA. For those new to the amazing gift from God that essential oils are, they incredibly potent oils! Essential oils of which have been around for centuries and modern research has discovered many helpful and bountiful uses. They are extracted from plants to capture their flavors, scents, and overall therapeutic properties and then…

Anastasia Rogers
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🌿🌺 Discover the Ultimate Essential Oils Fragrance Pyramid & Wheel, with 12 Blends Included! 🌺🌿 Are you an essential oils enthusiast looking to elevate your aromatherapy experience to the next level? Look no further! Introducing our one-of-a-kind Digital Essential Oils Fragrance Wheel and Pyramid, accompanied by 12 specially curated oil blends recipes - all condensed into just TWO pages for your convenience! 🌀 What's Included in this Amazing Digital Product? 🌀 1️⃣ Essential Oils…