Epsom salt fertilizer recipe

Boost the health of your garden with this DIY epsom salt fertilizer recipe. Learn how to create a nutrient-rich solution that will promote the growth of your plants and enhance their overall vitality.
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Who has seen the recommendation to add Epsom salt to your roses, tomatoes, or just indiscriminately all over the garden!? I certainly have. Epsom salt is a mineral often promoted as an “organic” plant fertilizer for tomatoes, peppers, and gardens in general. As a new gardener, I saw this advice so often that I decided …

Kathy Davis
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Sharing is caring! Pinterest Facebook Email Epsom salt is comprised of hydrated magnesium sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral first found in the well waters of Epsom, England. Epsom salt has a variety of home remedy applications – the two most widely known being as a saline laxative and pain reliever. What many people don’t realize is that Epsom […]

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