Empire Hotel

Indulge in the ultimate luxury experience at Empire Hotel. Discover elegant accommodations, world-class amenities, and impeccable service. Book your stay today and create memories that last a lifetime.
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If you're in the mood for a relaxed, swanky evening, enjoy a cocktail or two at Empire Hotel's Lobby Bar whose cocktail menu is inspired by Gossip Girl - since the hotel is now one of the characters as it was bought out by Chuck Bass. Not sure how I feel about that as I don't watch the show but they did feature a rather tasty scotch, ginger and apple cocktail that I would like to recreate. It's quite empty on a weekend night since everyone else is clamoring for their rooftop bar - but if…

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We all know that the Empire State Building is one of New York City’s main landmarks. For many, an iconic photograph of New York City is that of the Empire City with its full lights on. So, if you want to view this amazing sight from the comfort of your hotel room or a hotel with rooftop pool, scroll down this list of hotels with views of the Empire State Building.

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