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Discover rare and captivating photos of young Elvis Presley that showcase his iconic style and charisma. Relive the early years of the King of Rock and Roll and be transported to a time of musical revolution.
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“Well it’s a-one for the money…”So starts an album that changed history – Elvis Presley’s very first album.With its raw and exciting mix of country and blues, this was one of the first rock ‘n’ roll albums ever made, and it helped catapult the young 21-year-old singer to stardom. “Elvis Presley,” the album, turns 60 years old this month.On November 21, 1955, Elvis’ contract at Sun was purchased by RCA, and he was offi

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When olivia becomes a killers target it brings out all of Detective Presley's protective instincts. suddenly olivia is consuming all of his thoughts and Desires. Olivia feels safe with Elvis around. she's certain his broad shoulders and toned muscular body could shield her from anything. soon her awkward affection for him erupts into a raw need that she's never known before. but will their newfound passion ignite a killers lust for revenge...?

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