Elizabethan gown

Step back in time with these elegant Elizabethan gown ideas. Discover how to recreate the regal look and make a statement at your next event.
Womens attire during the Elizabethan era consisted of gowns, hats, corsets, underwear, collars, ruffs (Queen Elizabeth was a big fan of the high ruff), and shoes. Brides would wear their best gown and kirtle (petticoat), or even a new gown if the money was available. Costumes, Tudor, Elizabethan Dress, Elizabethan Costume, Elizabethan Clothing, Historical Dresses, Elizabethan Era, Elizabethan Fashion, Historical Costume

Back during the Elabethan era men and women were dressed by their rank. But all colors could be worn by both upper and lower classes, they would just be made from different materials. As for the upper class they would have their clothes out of silk and lower would use cotton. The colors that you wore daily determined what kind of person you were. Here are some colors that can be used mostly because these are colors that every one has in their own closet for more you can go to the source…

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